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Taylor Rail Australia has the experienced resources and capacity to deliver rail infrastructure solutions to private and manline rail clients and organisations across Australia.
Our core competencies are focused on track construction, maintenance activities, technical advisory and project delivery of rail systems.
In partnership with leading Australian companies, Taylor Rail Australia has the capability to provide services that cover the full lifecycle of rail track systems.
Taylor Rail Australia partners directly with customers or through an alliance as required.

Our team offer services such as 
  • Project Management
  • Crane Rail
  • Construction
  • Resurfacing
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Plant Equipment 
  • Mining

Taylor Rail Australia offers a Project Management team that has experience across both rail and civil disciplines. Over 45 years’ experience in the industry enables us to build an intimate and reliable link between the client representative and construction team in the rail and civil industries. Taylor Rail Australia is well positioned to support small to medium size projects that are rail based and have a civil flavour.

Taylor Rail Australia is able to offer the basic controls that a successful project requires from start to completion, including the following:
  • Resources – People, equipment, material
  • Time – Task durations, dependencies, critical path
  • Financial – Costs, contingencies, value for money
  • Scope – Project size, goals, and requirement
Taylor Rail Australia is able to offer a holistic and comprehensive project management experience from the tender stage to the project close out. This includes all planning interface management, stakeholder management, cost management and construction management disciplines.

Taylor Rail Australia is in a position to offer a very personal service to any client ensuring that the person who starts the project will be there to close the project.
Taylor Rail Australia can provide installation services for all types of rail-mounted equipment; in particular overhead cranes and gantry cranes. We can assist you in choosing the right rail section for your application.

Runways for production-oriented cranes and transfer cars require experienced and efficient installation; Taylor Rail Australia has extensive experience in new installation works and repair works as required.

Taylor Rail Australia is committed to providing solutions to rail system problems such as rail misalignment, failed grout, broken anchors and improper rail fasteners on existing or new runways.
Taylor Rail Australia’s expertise includes the track construction and track laying sector across many diverse environments, for both public & private use.

We have trained and fully resourced track construction crews capable of delivering all works associated with new and renewable rail track across Australia. Taylor Rail Australia takes the prime contractor role or a sub-contractor role to another provider as required by our customers.

This includes core competencies in:
  • All conventional open ballasted track
  • Concrete encased track
  • Turnouts and crossovers
Taylor Rail Australia has invested in specialised on-track equipment enabling operations over multiple shifts at various locations throughout Australia; 24 hours a day. Our machines are run by a team of trained and skilled professionals who deliver consistent and reliable results in both maintenance and construction services. Taylor Rail Australia has the capacity to accelerate projects and optimise solutions to meet demanding deadlines and to leave first class track as a result.

Taylor Rail Australia plant includes tampers, regulators and ballast bins available for work throughout Australia, which is able to operate on standard gauge, narrow gauge and broad gauge track. 

Taylor Rail Australia offers premium inspection services to the rail sector. Inspection is the first step in all maintenance work and ultimately, asset management. Dedicated inspectors are assigned to manage specified assets and consequently, risk management for clients. Our inspection reports are second to none.

Taylor Rail Australia prepares Asset Management Plans for clients, enabling them to develop long term asset management strategies from one to five years; maximising maintenance investment and creating opportunity to effectively manage budget allocations.

Taylor Rail Australia offers a full range of rail maintenance services, including:
  • Re-sleepering
  • Rail welding
  • Level crossing upgrades
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Turnout upgrades
Taylor Rail Australia handles all kinds of maintenance for the rail sector; corrective, emergency repairs, major periodic maintenance (planned) and programmed maintenance (long term scheduling).
Taylor Rail Australia owns and operates specialised rail plant and equipment to complete the service offered to customers across Australia.
Taylor Rail Australia has assisted various clients in the upgrading and construction of underground and ‘drift’ railways. This includes:
  • Evaluation
  • Budgeting
  • Re-railing and re-sleepering
  • Complete replacement of infrastructure
This work requires innovation and the use of specialised cutting and welding equipment. Taylor Rail Australia’s expertise in these rail services enables us to assist with any inquiry.
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